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My New Website/Saying Goodbye to Blogger

I have an official website! Which means one thing... The day has come to say goodbye to Blogger. It's a wonderful website, but Wix is better in terms of customization, connecting with readers, and showcasing my books. Plus, I want something a little more professional as my books are getting published and I have an agent now. All my previous blog posts will remain here, so don't worry about it getting deleted. But from now on, all new posts will be uploaded to my new website. It has a built-in blog, contact form, book section, search bar, and more! You can find me at this link: You've been great, Blogger, but it's time I moved on to bigger, better things. *Cue the sad break-up music* I hope to see everyone there! Thanks for all your support on this blog. It's been really appreciated, and I had fun maintaining it over the last two years. I'll miss it for sure. As always, thanks for reading! This will be the

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